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Cold Steel Training Knife - Realistic Look & Feel for Safe ...

Improve your knife skills and practice different drills with our training knives made of premium quality rubber for the closest approximation of a realistic look. Order your training knife Australia wide at Extac.

Practice Swords | - Knives & Swords At The Lowest ...

The Ultimate Practice Swords Selection. The only way to master sword fighting without the risk of injury is to have a high-quality training sword. has Practice Swords that will withstand years of sword training and come in different styles including Samurai, Medieval and Roman.

Keen Edge Knives training knives

Realistic training is essential for preparing for real world encounters. This is the driving force behind our trainers, to give you the most realistic trainers possible at an affordable price.

2018 New Design Realistic Bendable Blade Training Knife ...

2018 New Design realistic bendable blade training knife Product Description You can practice with some of our popular knife designs, in relative safety, with our new TPR rubber training knives.

Training Knives and Escrima Sticks by TAK

Since 2002, TAK Training Knives have been used in Martial Arts schools, Special Forces training classes, TSA training schools, and Police/ Sheriff Departments. TAK Polycarbonate Training Blades are used worldwide when life threatening situations are practiced for maximum reality.

Sleek Training Knife - Russian Martial Art

Safe, reliable and versatile for weapons training. Get the Sleek Training Knife as part of the high performance Knife Duo, which includes the Classic Training Knife. ... It is very realistic and practical for self defence training and easier to carry around.

ICHF Training Knife - DSI, Inc

Beautiful, realistic training knives. Replica of a folding knife made of aircraft aluminum and engraved with the ICHF Logo. A MUST for realistic training! We now have a NEW knife but we are still keeping the "oldie but goodie". Order TK1 for the old knife (single sided blade - top knife in the photo) or order TK2 for the new knife (back cut blade).

ESEE Knives for sale - USA Made - Knives Plus

ESEE Knives / Randalls Adventure Training has been producing top quality USA products that survivalists and enthusiasts depend on. Randalls Adventure Training was founded by Jeff Randal and Mike Perrin in 1997, when they became frustrated with the endless amount of exaggeration and hype often associated with survival gear and training. Their mission was to bring realistic tools and …

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Realistic knives are made of sturdy hard plastic, use as a add on to ... Realistic Knife Prop. by Seasons. $8.99 $ 8 99 Prime. ... Toonol Tactical Rubber Knife Military Training Dagger Cosplay Funning War Game Knife Props Blade Rubber Fake Knives with Scabbard/Sheath. by Toonol. $10.98 ...

Training Knives - Dark Knight Armoury

Home → Weaponry → Training Weapons → Training Knives. ... Our training knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, replicating the look of many of our most popular knives in safe forms that are perfect for use in close-contact training or solo practice. ... Use this training weapon for occasions that call for the look of a realistic ...

MK9 Tactical Training Knife w/ Bayonet ... -

Features: Realistic 1:1 scale Bayonet Tanto tip blade Made out of high quality plastic for durability and safety Realistic 1:1 scale... , Tactical Gear/Apparel, Knives & Blades, Training. ... Discuss about MK9 Tactical Training Knife w/ Bayonet Attachment and Hard Plastic Sheath by Echo1 with your friends and fellow shoppers!

Training Knives, Practice Knives, Combat Training Knives ...

Black Bear Classic Rubber Training Knife. Item #: 07-92R14BBC. Brush up on your blade-wielding skills with the Black Bear Classic Rubber Training Knife. Use this training weapon for occasions that call for the look of a realistic knife without the dangers associated with an actual blade.

KRONA Aluminum Training Knife | Practice Knives

The KRONA Aluminum Training Knife is an excellent tool to help improve your skills in a safe but realistic way. Replicated down to the hollow KRUDO Knives Morse code handle for enhanced grip, the size and grip will give you that confident feel needed when training.

Training Weapons and Accessories at Galls

Training Weapons and Accessories Galls has an extensive line of training weapons for true-to-life training situations without the risk of using actual arms. From detailed replicas of pistols, rifles and shotguns to alternative models of knives, defense sprays and restraints, we have a comprehensive collection of equipment for your training and ...

Rubber Gun - Martial Arts Practice Rubber Gun - Realistic ...

Just be sure to exercise caution and common sense when handling our Rubber Gun outside of a classroom setting. These are extremely detailed, realistic-looking training weapons …

Virtual Blade - Knife Center

Shop Virtual Blade knives from the Knife CenterVirtualBlade: A Revolution in Knife Training…Welcome to a new era of knife training. As we all know, weapons are here to stay, like it or not! ... the military, or an aware citizen, we believe VirtualBlade is the best product for you. Keep your training as realistic as possible. VirtualBlade is ...

Training Knives - Self Defense Training Knives for Martial ...

Training Knives . Self Defense Training Knives for Martial Arts. Increase your self defence skills with a good training knife. There are several knife fighting styles and many martial arts disciplines that can teach you open hand defence to protect you from an attacker armed with a knife.

and tethered weapon simulators - Meggitt Training Systems

BlueFire ® and tethered weapon simulators Meggitt Training Systems 2017-12-06T14:55:43+00:00 BlueFire ® wireless weapons Meggitt Training Systems’ BlueFire wireless weapon simulators provide the highest level of realism in simulation by maintaining form, fit and function of the original weapon.

SIRT Training Knife - Next Level Training

Train your knife skills in a safe and realistic manner. The SIRT knife is great for scenario training where one or more people are armed with a knife. The durable but …

Mimic electronic LED training knife – Aku Strike

Mimic T-16. clear blade nickel blade. Switchable red/green color in same knife. ... “The visual and audible response creates a heightened awareness and competitive environment as well as bringing a realistic component to your training.” ... GET YOUR MIMIC T-16 TRAINING KNIFE HERE. Have yours shipped today!! New, Kydex sheath now available.

Practice Swords | True Swords

True Swords stocks a wide selection of Practice Swords and Knives. Our bamboo kendo sticks, wooden bokkens, daitos, and foam weapons are great for training, mock sword fighting, or youths. Our bamboo kendo sticks, wooden bokkens, daitos, and foam weapons are great for training, mock sword fighting, or youths.

Blueguns: Train Safe and Train Smart

A Safe Alternative to Live Firearm Training. ... All of our products are inert detailed replicas of actual weapons designed for Law Enforcement and Military Training. ... Ask for “BLUEGUNS ", a realistic & safe alternative to using live firearms in training situations.

Knife Fighting Techniques - Contemporary Fighting Arts

I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in learning realistic knife fighting techniques to purchase and study this program. It's a relatively small investment that may very well save your life of that of a loved one. ... Skill is developed through systematic knife training and experience and it is perfected through consistent practice.

Training Karambits | Master Karambit Use Without Pain

We offer the best quality training karambits which have blunted edges for a safe yet realistic knife training experience perfect for practitioners studying Filipino Martial Arts Kali or Indonesian Silat,

SETCAN™ Corporation - SHOCKNIFE™ Products.

The SK-2 is the only training knife in the world that can replicate the same mental and physical responses necessary for realistic training. Biofeedback Tool - Set the adjustable SK-2 shock level to LOW and the blade of the knife becomes your instructor.

Defensive Knife – Tactical Defense Institute - Tactical ...

DEFENSIVE KNIFE. This course presents students with skills they need to effectively utilize a folding or fixed blade knife as a defensive tool to repel a lethal force attack. Contrary to most knife programs, this class is designed to address the realistic situations students are likely to face.

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Sharkee knives used the world over. Military, Homeland Security, Martial Artists prefer the Sharkee training knife.

ASP bluegun red gun training replica aid redgun blue ...

ASP bluegun red gun training replica aid redgun blue weighted. Alternate Force provides mission critical gear at low prices. Order on-line or call (888) 865-2900. ... If you have any questions or require a training or Demonstrator Weapons or even a Realistic Weapons for use as a prop or need something that you do not see on our site, ...

: Training Knife, Black Handle : Hunting Knives ...

The knife allows for practice of flicking it open and also employing the knife from a pocket if taken to the ground. The Ronin aluminum folding trainer is a great training tool; however one of the set backs is that it does not come in any other capacity but for right handed use.

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